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Why Does My Dog Have Smelly Farts, and How to Treat It?



We’ve all been there. Having a pleasant evening at home with the family, watching the tele. But suddenly, without warning, your nose is succumb to a horrible smell. Something that could be described as rotten eggs or sewage. Now it’s a blame game. We would usually point the finger at the dog as they cannot defend themselves; cruel I know.. However, the culprit this time is your four-legged friend, wagging his tail like nothing has happened.

If your living room is plagued with this rotten smell too often, e.g., a multiple times a night. Then there could be an issue with your dog digestive system, which needs exploring further. Usually, it’s something small which can easily be treated e.g., dietary changes or it could be an underlying gastrointestinal condition or inflammatory bowel disease.

In this article we will go through why your dog farts are so smelly and what you can do about it to fix the issue.

Noses, you are welcome!

Why do dogs fart?

Dog flatulence is caused by a build-up of gas in the intestinal tract and colon. Gas can form in your dog’s digestive system for a number of reasons: they may be eating too fast and swallow air, or he could be eating the wrong kinds of food. Bread, beans, lactose found in milk, and certain thickeners found in dry dog food can all cause dogs to pass wind.

Why do my dogs’ farts stink?

Stinky dog farts can be the absolute worst and I can imagine you want to know why puppy farts smell like rotten eggs?! This may be down to the fact your dog cannot digest and break down certain nutrients.

As a result, the bacteria in its large intestine may have a lot of undigested nutrients to process. During this process, they produce sulphur and methane gases. These gases will determine the smell of your dog's farts, and will be the strong smell you wish you didn’t have to inhale!

Finally, another reason why your dog farts smell could be because whilst on walks, they are eating discarded waste on the pavement and grass areas. Try and steer your dog clear of anything suspicious on the ground, and teach your dog the “Leave-it” command so that you can immediately get them to drop any rubbish that you may stumble across.

How to help smelly dog farts?


Accelerates internal digestion. This gives the intestinal bacteria less time to produce odours.

Give your dog two meals a day:

This way, your dog’s digestive system does not have to process large amounts at once and it can absorb more nutrients ,which means that the amount of undigested nutrients that end up in the large intestine is significantly reduced.

Observe your dog’s stool:

See how your dog reacts to different types of food they’ve consumed. This is different for each dog. Have you noticed that liver make your dog farts badly? Or does it cause diarrhoea? Then you can evaluate what else to feed them in the future.

Does your dog itch often, or has skin/ coat problems?

This may indicate a food allergy or potential food intolerance. By proceeding with the elimination diet model, you will find out exactly which nutrient triggers your dog.

Change your diet gradually:

If you constantly change your pups diet on a day by day basis, this can confuse your dog’s digestive system. So, you need to do it in steps, spread over a period of at least seven days.

My dog has bad gas what can I give him?

Supplements such as probiotics can be a helpful product to tackle bad gas if the lifestyle changes listed above don’t have any effect.

Probiotics contains living gut-friendly bacteria found naturally in the digestive tract and other areas of the body. The main goal of ingesting probiotics is to maintain healthy levels of good bacteria, prevent GI problems and boost the immune system after it’s been disrupted by illness, infection, antibiotic treatment or other stressors.

When should I consult with a vet?

You should consult with the vet if any of the above changes you’ve tried making have no positive effects. They would need to run some further tests to discover the underlined issue and put your mind at ease.

Thank you for reading our article touching upon why puppy farts stink and how to fix the issues. Let us know your experiences and how you dealt with it in the comments below!


Article written by Hayden Lloyd - Founder HWL Pet Supplies Limited

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Janet Daniel
Janet Daniel
Feb 25, 2023

Diet: The food your dog eats can affect the smell of their farts. Dogs that eat a lot of high-fiber foods, dairy products, or foods that contain a lot of sulfur (such as eggs, beans, or some vegetables) may produce more smelly gas. You can try switching your dog's diet to see if it improves the odor of their farts. Consult with your veterinarian for advice on the best diet for your dog's breed and age.


Unknown member
Feb 09, 2023

This article provides a great rundown on the causes of smelly farts in dogs and the steps that can be taken to address the issue. It's important to understand the role of diet and possible food intolerances or allergies in causing digestive problems in dogs. I appreciate the emphasis on seeking veterinary care if the issue persists, as it can be a sign of a more serious underlying condition. Overall, a valuable resource for pet owners. Also visit this website :

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