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HWL Pet Supplies is a family run business made up of HUGE animal lovers! We have one clear goal, to help improve the health and well-being of your pet, whether that be in the shape of offering joint care supplements, dog grooming products or dental care. We want to make a real difference to the lives of pets as animals give us so much love and enjoyment. 




The passion for starting this venture stems from the decision my parents made back in 2016 when they brought home Lola, a white F2 Cockapoo from Manchester, England. I have always been a massive pet person, owning a tabby cat called Tallulah previously, and a cross-breed called Caesar during my early childhood. The connection I had with Lola was unrivaled.

Lola has been an absolute bundle of joy since we got her. I wanted the opportunity to create innovative pet health products which are made from the highest quality ingredients possible, to help improve the lives of pets around the world. Pets are such an important part of our lives, so our aim is to help thousands of dogs have a healthy, happier and pain-free life!



Lola 2.jpg


Chief Product Tester

Hi I am Lola, an attention loving Cockapoo nicknamed ‘The Madam', I  love going on long walks with my hoomans and playing fetch with my favourite tennis ball at the local park!



Chief Product Tester

Hi I am Casper, a loving 9 year old Border Collie. l still love running wild on long walks and jumping into lakes. My hoomans may think I have a fiery personality... but don't all  Border Collie's?! My favourite toy is a good old fashioned stick and favourite treat is anything with gravy on!

Piper sailor hat.jpg


Brand Ambassador

As well as rolling in smelly things I’m a lover of tea towels, socks and slippers! I’m a very good girl (so mum & dad say). I love day’s out at the beach and will soon be spending weekends on our boat (hence the pic with me in my Captains hat 😆).

Oscar and Bailey.jpg

Oscar & Bailey

Brand Ambassador

Hi, we are Oscar (yellow) and Bailey (chocolate), two Labradors aged 7 and 4! We are two cheeky, greedy boys who will do anything for a treat including posing for the camera. We love being outdoors and enjoy adventures.



Brand Ambassador

Hi I’m Ralph. I like long walks and lots of food. You’ll never see me sitting on someone’s knee but I know a fair few tricks which always gets me treats. I’m a true cairn - stubborn, crazy and loud but mum says that’s why she loves me 😘

Tony and Tess.jpg

Tony & Tess

Brand Ambassador

We're Tony the lurcher and Tess the greyhound! Tony is a drama queen who avoids rain at all costs, while Tess is a cheeky ex-racer who is still a pup at heart. Both love their 5 minutes of zoomies followed by a long snooze on the sofa!

Herbert and Derek.jpg

Derick & Herbert

Brand Ambassador

We are Herbert and Derick, both cheeky fun loving chaps that love nothing more than food and naps!

River brand ambassador.jpg


Brand Ambassador

Hello I'm River, a very energetic Dalmatian pup! I love nothing more than playing in water and having a swim, so much so that mum calls me a 'spotted shark' 🦈 I have a passion for outdoors and could run for hours! 

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