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HWL Pet Supplies - Slow Feeder Dog Bowl




- Our slow feeding pet bowl helps make mealtimes a fun experience with our slow feed interactive design 
- The slow feed dog bowl helps prevent obesity, bloating, regurgitation and gastrointerstional disease affecting your beloved pet
- Choose from a range of attractive colours including pink and blue! - Feed your dog in style!




Each product we design is carefully developed to stimulate mental development in dogs and to exercise their ability to resolve the matter. Our aim is not to make meal times a stressful over complicated process for your pet, but to develop the perfect dog bowl to encourage slower healthier eating. 


Our durable dog bowl is dishwasher safe & easily cleanable - doesn't hold odor!


Main effects:


Significantly reduces the speed of eating, to restore your pet to its natural eating pattern


Prevents obesity, a significant reduction in the incidence of cardiovascular disease and flatulence and other gastrointestinal diseases. Furthermore, our pet feeding bowl has been designed with a clear purpose to adjust/lower pet weight, prolonging meal time, prevent indigestion and to stop your pet from gulping their food down.


"Don't let your pets treat dinner time like a 100m dash, change their eating habits and enable them to appreciate their food"

Slow Feed Dog Bowl

£9.99 Regular Price
£6.99Sale Price
  • FAQ's

    Q: At what age can a dog start using these?


    A: Our slow feed bowls can be introduced to puppies as young as 12 weeks old. They are ideal for puppies, as naturally, they will guzzle their food down, and this will encourage them to eat at a slower rate. 


    Q: How do you know if your dog needs a slow feeder?


    A: If you have noticed your pet guzzling down their food at record break-neck speeds, it may be time to consider a slow feed bowl. The ridges and barriers in a slow feeder create a bit more work for your pup at meal time to encourage slower eating.


    Q: How do you wash a dog with a slow feeder?


    A: Wash with warm water and washing up liquid. Avoid placing in dishwashers if not reguarly cleaned as you don't want cross-contamination with your dishes.


    Q: Do slow feeders help dogs lose weight?


    A: In short yes, It can help your dog lose weight. When your pup slows down their eating pace, they'll actually chew their food more nstead of inhaling. This in turn, will make them eat their food for an extra minute or two.


    Q: Do slow feeders work for cats too?


    A: Yes, cats can use slow feeder bowls to reduce the speed at which they eat, just the same as dogs. 

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