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11 Items to Include in Your Dogs First Aid Kit - Complete Checklist



As dog owners, we’ll buy all the supplies in the world for our precious dog, but sometimes we will forget about buying the obvious, but often overlooked supplies, which are dog first aid kits.

You never know what’ll happen when it comes to accidents and emergencies, so it’s good to be prepared for any given situations. Whether you’re camping, driving across the country, or going on a hike, you need to be ready for anything.

We often advise it is the handy to keep your dog first-aid supplies in a bag, bin, backpack, shoulder bag, or container which accompanies you, or is in a safe place. That way it can travel with you and your dog when you’re out and about.

This is a given, but it’s always best to seek professional veterinary treatment when your dog gets hurt. However, it may transpire that you are unable to travel to a vets or emergency room, so you’ll need needs supplies handy to care for your dog until you are able get the required support needed.

Here’s our 11 essential items you should always keep in your dog first aid kit.

1. Paperwork: including vaccinations, medical records and emergency phone numbers

If you’re dealing with a serious emergency, you’ll want all of your dog’s information in one secure place. This will help if your dog gets hurt and needs medical attention.

If you can get to the emergency vet, they’ll be able to provide better, safer care if they know your dog’s medical history, so they’ll be able to make faster, more informed decisions, which could be the difference between life and death. You should also note down any emergency numbers, in case you don’t have your mobile phone on you to use.

2. Bandages, scissors, tape and rubber gloves

In an emergency, bandages can control bleeding by keeping pressure on the wound and act as a temporary brace for suspected fractures/tears. Tape can hold bandages or other first-aid items in place, and scissors can cut an old shirt into strips to make a more solid bandage for larger wounds or to help if you run out of bandages.

Rubber gloves are essential to any medical emergency puppy first aid kit. It is always important to wear protective gloves or even goggles/ glasses if you’re dealing with blood or bodily fluids.

3. Towel or blanket

If your dog is injured, or is in a state of panic, often wrapping your dog around with a soft towel can help access their injury without being scratched or bitten. If your dog ever gets anxious or is in a state of panic.

We’d recommend packing an anxiety reliever to help ease their stress and anxiety. Here at HWL Pet Supplies, we sell an advanced dog calming spray called Zen Dog, which could be the perfect addition to your first aid bag to calm anxious, stressed doggies.

4. Portal travel food and water bowl

These are great in emergency and non-emergency situations alike. Long hikes, cross-country road trips, or anytime you are away from home, you should have at least one portal bowl with you, or something to give your dog water.

Hydration is vitally important for all living things, especially dogs in the summer! Be sure to offer your dog lots of water, even if you’re only out for a short period of time.

5. Medications

Always speak to your vet about keeping a backup supply of any prescribed or useful medications in your doggy first-aid kit. Please check if these medicines have expired. If you’re traveling and can’t find the medication, you’ll always have a backup supply, so won’t have to spend a day having your usual vet call in a prescription across the country for you.

It’s never a bad idea to have over-the-counter medicines handy, especially if you are traveling. This could include flea and tick meds, antacids, probiotics and anxiety relievers for traveling.

6. Antibiotic Ointment

If your pup gets a small cut or scratch, antibiotic ointments will help prevent infection, relieve pain, and act as a barrier from bacteria and germs. It’s something every first-aid kit should consist of.

Bear in mind that even minor cuts and scrapes can lead to a lot of serious health problems if it becomes infected and spread.

7. Comfort Toy

If you’re in a high stress situation with your dog, such as a heavy storm or a particularly traumatising event, it’s always nice to have a home comfort to soothe them during the ordeal.

Keep an old favourite toy or blanket that you were thinking of giving up and put it in their dog medical kit. The sight and smell of a beloved object can help settle them down, soothe, and comfort them.

8. Ice packs/ cold compress

It’s important to keep ice packs handy in case your dog gets any burns or is stung by any nettles, pesky wasps, or even more dangerous animals (if you live in the southern hemisphere!). We’d recommend contacting the vet if after applying the ice, it swells further and interferes with their breathing and respiratory functions.

9. Eye Wash

If chemicals have managed to get in your dog’s eye, or if they are irritated by something. Flush with water repeatedly (preferably from an eye drop bottle) and call the vet immediately.

10. Extra dog lead, poo bags and collar

If your dog gets sick when you’re out and about, they may go through more poop bags than you first anticipated. be sure to have an extra supply on hand for these exact reasons.

A good practice is to keep an extra collar and leash around. We’ve heard countless stories of dogs’ leashes snap in accidents, and they are very useful if you stumble across a lost or stray animal out in the neighbourhood, and want to get them to the local vet or nearest town.

Finally, we would recommend packing a LED fluorescent collar which can become very handy if you are out in the dark and are short of light to do any dog first aid.

11. Treats

Keep some treats handy in your first aid kit. I hear you ask.. why? Well, just give them the treats for being a good boy!

Thank you for reading our article all about first aid for dogs and what to include within their first aid kit.

What would you include in your doggy first-aid kit? Are there any essentials we missed? Let us know in the comments below!


Article written by Hayden Lloyd - Founder HWL Pet Supplies Limited

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Janet Daniel
Janet Daniel
Jan 01, 2023

Thank you for the advice! I'm going camping soon, and I'm putting together a first-aid kit for myself and my dogs.

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